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This service is for principals in the Toddler to Young Adult range while in primary schools and institutions of higher education such as colleges and universities. This program is customized based on the Family Office requirements and tailored based on the level of consent and in collaboration with the principal based on their actual needs.

The service provides protection from adversaries and allows the parents or guardians to obtain information about the surveillance of their loved ones and their behavior patterns. Whether the Principals are to be made aware of the protection detail is determined by the parents or guardians. The Program ensures that the children are safe, protected, unharmed and engaged appropriately while attending an institution of higher education.

Services provided include:

  • Security Analyses of the environment of the college or dorms.

  • “A pair of local eyes” to ensure the safety of the principal. A point of contact would be available for the principal when in need of assistance.

  • Surveillance/counter surveillance to ensure there are no negative elements present that might endanger the principal.

  • Emergency interventions if needed.

  • Selected protection protocols relative to specific events (concerts, sport events, parties).

  • Social Media monitoring for negative impact on reputation or brand.

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