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If you have a family office, large business or corporation and are in need of a Chief Security Officer (CSO), there are significant advantages for outsourcing this position vs. hiring an in-house employee. ZGS can provide this valuable resource and take the pressure off you. Here’s how…

  • Eliminate the Hiring Process - You don’t have to go through the process of interviewing and vetting multiple candidates until you find someone qualified and is a fit for your needs. We have a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals who can fill the role and will be the right fit for your organization.

  • Avoid Excessive Salaries & Benefits - Salaries for a CSO range from $350k-$750k on average and more depending on the circumstances. In addition, Benefits, Retirement Plans, Relocation Packages, Incentives and Perks can escalate the cost even more. ZGS offers a single monthly or annual fee – depending on your preferred terms – that is commensurate with the services provided. That’s it!

  • Avoid the Expense of Office Space - Avoid having to set up an office with all the costs associated with set-up: furniture, technology, communications, utilities, etc.

  • Avoid the Cost and Management of Administrative Staff - Administration is included in your monthly or annual fee. ZGS handles that for you. 

  • Avoid the Need for Human Resources Staff - ZGS is a third-party entity that will establish and enforce guidelines and policies to meet the highest standards which are compliant with legal requirements.


    ZGS will provide a complimentary initial consultation to identify your security and protection needs. We will present an overview of our capabilities, resources and services for potential clients. The initial consultation would preferably be in-person but can be an online meeting.

    Upon entering an agreement with ZGS, we will initiate a series of assessments, analyses, and studies to ensure a complete and comprehensive program is developed to provide maximum security and protection for your Family Office or Corporate Offices. This will be a collaborative effort to ensure that you are in alignment with ZGS’ recommendations. 

    ZGS is pleased to offer Three Levels of Service to accommodate your individual needs and financial allocation. Each level includes “Chief Security Officer” services and standard rendered amenities with enhanced benefits per upgraded level.

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