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ZGS Services


ZGS begins with a risk assessment to identify the challenges currently encountered by the principals, individual clients, or households. Considerations include:

  • Day-to-day lifetime and lifestyle routines and movement patterns.

  • Existing security installations, programs, procedures and systems to identify if any recommended improvements are warranted.

  • The physical configuration of schools to assess safety risks at institutions attended by family members.

  • Impending business and personal travel. This could be domestic or international. This includes safety and security associated with airports, terminals, train stations and other methods of transportation.

  • ZGS then strives to educate their clients by sharing the Risk Analysis so they have an awareness and understanding of the potential unique and actual risks that they may face daily in light of the constant and ever-changing security factors that present themselves globally.

    Lastly, ZGS presents its clients with a comprehensive Security Program Proposal that is the optimum strategy for each potential area of risk. This could include the appointment of a Chief Security Officer for the Family Office or Organization.

    Options may be reviewed from an array of suitable packages that include 24/7 services. The result will be your peace of mind and certainty so you can focus on your family or business.

    Please refer to Your Chief Security Officer Page

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